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What is your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for SimpliWireless?2022-03-30T14:33:50+02:00


Fair Usage Policy does not apply for ALL SimpliWireless products


What is your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for SimpliWireless Lite?2020-10-02T16:20:46+02:00

SimpliWireless Lite

Line Speed (Mbps) Fair Usage Policy (FUP) (Gb)
4/2 100
5/2.5 150
10/5 200
20/10 500
30/15 800


What is your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for SimpliSatellite?2022-03-30T16:29:58+02:00

As with all Fair Usage Policies, if you use more than a pre-determined ‘fair’ amount of data in a given timeframe you may stand to be restricted to slower line speeds during peak times:

Service Plan Name First Throttle L1 Second Throttle L2 Third Throttle L3
Unlimited 20 Mbps 200GB 7Mbps 350GB 3Mbps 400GB 512kbps
Unlimited 10 Mbps 150GB 3Mbps 250GB 2Mbps 300GB 512kbps
What is your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for SimpliFibre?2020-10-18T22:31:17+02:00

This is dependent on your last mile Service Provider. Our FUP’s are in the table below. The FUP’s of all our partners can be found under ‘3rd party providers’ below.


Line Speed (Mbps) FUP (Gb)
5 400
10 600
20 1000
50 1600
100 3000

3rd Party Providers

MetroFibre (Mbps)
SADV (Mbps)
Octotel (Mbps)

Frogfoot (Mbps)
Link Africa (Mbps)
Century City (Mbps)
FUP (Gb)

What are your VoIP Rates?2020-10-19T16:21:25+02:00

Get the lowest VoIP rates in the country when you choose to add VoIP to your SimpliLTE/Wireless/Fibre solution. FREE calls to other VoIP numbers in your network.

Outbound Call to Time Per Minute VAT incl.
Telkom Fixed Geographic Peak R 0,14
Liquid Telecom Fixed Geographic Peak R 0,14
Vodacom VoIP (Interbranch) All Hours R 0,00
Vodacom VoIP Full Charge (0861) Peak R 0,15
Vodacom Mobile Peak R 0,16
MTN Mobile Peak R 0,17
Cell C Mobile Peak R 0,23
Telkom Mobile Peak R 0,23


I’m not getting the speed I’m used to2021-03-18T11:15:46+02:00

Lagging internet got you down?

Here’s how we can help.

If you’ve never used your router before, please check out our ‘How to setup my router’ in the FAQ’s

LTE – Troubleshooting 101:

    • Confirm your power is on
    • Cables are correctly connected and securely seated.
    • Reboot the equipment
    • Do 3 speed tests

If the problem persists please email support@simpliconnect.co.za with the results of the speed test as an attachment.

Wireless, Satellite and Fibre – Troubleshooting 101:

    • Confirm your power is on
    • Cables are correctly connected and securely seated.
    • Reboot the equipment
    • Do 3 speed tests

If the problem persists please send us a WhatsApp (082 956 9660) so that we can check if you have reached your FUP.  If yes, it means that your line speed will be throttled until your new allocation is active (this is usually on the first of every month). You can purchase additional data on most of these packages to resume consuming data at your normal line speed.

If your line speed is still slow please email support@simpliconnect.co.za with the results of the speed test as an attachment.


How to Setup your LTE Router2021-03-18T11:14:00+02:00

Received your router but no idea how to set it up?

No problem! Just follow these steps to get connected to a world of super-fast internet.

  1. Watch our “How to setup your router’ video here
  2. Get more detailed information on how to setup your wifi network using the start-up guide that the router arrived in.
  3. Congrats you’re all set up!

If you’re still not blasting off try these tips:

If you’ve had your router less than 24 hours, your sim card may not be activated.

  • We only activate your sim card after the courier confirms that the delivery was successful. This is to ensure that no one fraudulently accesses your router and uses your data.
    • This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 24hours so keep trying every few hours just in case.
    • After 24 hours and just to be double sure before you contact us…see below.

If you’ve had your router for more than 24 hours or you’ve suddenly lost your connection (oh no!), try these tips:

  1. Check all the cables are connected and you have power (we know but we have to say it!), then do a reboot (switch the power off, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.
  2. If your wi-fi connection says ‘no internet’, the internet signal may have dipped or you’ve run out of data. Just give it a few minutes but if the problem persists you’ve probably run out of data. Get in touch with us on Whatsapp to purchase an additional data bundle and we’ll get you up and running in no time.
  3. If you’re still having no luck, please send an email to support@simpliconnect.co.za or give us a call on 087 087 3975



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