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Voice calling made simple.

Save on your monthly telephone bill by ditching your landline and use your existing internet connection to make voice calls.
For larger businesses move your telephony to the cloud and benefit from managed solutions like hosted PBX and Microsoft Solutions that keep you and your employees connected from anywhere.


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How does it work?

VoIP technology allows you to make high quality voice calls using the internet to anywhere in the world at an affordable price. Our SimpliVoIP solution uses your existing broadband connection and router so there’s no capital investment required!

The future of voice calling is now.

Imagine you could make Whatsapp calls from your landline. Well now you can. Our SimpliVoIP solution does exactly that with the added benefit of bundles to control your monthly spend. Best of all there’s no line rental fee…ever! So you start saving from Day 1. Want to make free calls within your office or between branches? Our VoIP-VoIP calls are free!

Switching to VoIP is super simple. Keep your old number or request a new one, plug into your router and that’s it! We’ll setup the rest. Ditch the landline today and join the future of voice calling!

Get Setup in 3 Easy steps

  • Activate your service with us

  • Connect your analogue or IP Phone

  • Start making high quality calls at the lowest call rates in SA

Why should I change to VoIP?

Limited Offer


  • 250 minutes to any network.
  • Free VoIP-VoIP calls


  • 250 minutes to any network. Free VoIP-VoIP calls.
  • Includes Yealink IP Phone


Collaboration has never been easier.

Combine the best of  Microsoft Office Productivity Tools with the best of Microsoft Teams Collaboration software, then add voice calling and you’re just scratching the surface of this phenomenal all-in-one Business solution. With voice breakout your employees will never miss a call no matter what device they’re using or where they’re connecting from.

Choose from packages that include managed and unmanaged voice networks, Basic to Enterprise Microsoft O365 licenses as well as Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) options from as little as R299 per user/ month. Your digital transformation has never been easier. Let us show you the way.

How does it work?

Combine a Microsoft 365 licence with Microsoft Business Voice, add on IP Talk and Voice Breakout powered by Vodacom Business and Voila! You’ve got the most sophisticated collaboration software at your fingertips. Choose only the features you want and pay a monthly fee per user.

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What are your VoIP Rates?2020-10-19T16:21:25+02:00

Get the lowest VoIP rates in the country when you choose to add VoIP to your SimpliLTE/Wireless/Fibre solution. FREE calls to other VoIP numbers in your network.

Outbound Call to Time Per Minute VAT incl.
Telkom Fixed Geographic Peak R 0,14
Liquid Telecom Fixed Geographic Peak R 0,14
Vodacom VoIP (Interbranch) All Hours R 0,00
Vodacom VoIP Full Charge (0861) Peak R 0,15
Vodacom Mobile Peak R 0,16
MTN Mobile Peak R 0,17
Cell C Mobile Peak R 0,23
Telkom Mobile Peak R 0,23



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