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As a business owner you understand the importance of having fast internet access. With SimpliBusiness+ we offer you business-grade internet services packaged with a high-quality router and the ability to cater for up to 50 concurrent Wi-Fi sessions. This means you and your employees get to experience the best the internet has to offer using one router and one service provider.

SimpliConnect also provides you with a completely managed service offering and a standard service level agreement to put your mind at ease that your internet access is always taken care of.

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SimpliBusiness+ 20Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 30Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 50Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 100Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

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