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Business capped and uncapped solutions to keep your business connected. We also offer sexy add-ons like Voice, Cloud Communication & Collaboration tools as well as security for all of our solutions.

It all starts with the foundation

The backbone of any good business is the network. That’s why you need to ensure yours is supported by the best. At Simpli Connect we leverage off our industry partnerships to offer affordable and fit-for-purpose solutions no matter where you are. LTE, Fibre, Satellite and Wireless are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Business Internet. We’ve made custom-built solutions for these customers. They trust us so why shouldn’t you?

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Why worry about network cables littered throughout your business when you can experience the user-friendly and affordable, ultrasonic SimpliLTE solution. Just plug-in and connect. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your office the connectivity it needs.

Simpli LTE 220GB

R549PM x 24
  • 24/7 Data
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month

Simpli LTE 500GB

R699PM x 24
  • 24/7 Data
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month

Simpli LTE 1TB

R1099PM x 24
  • 24/7 Data
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month


With speeds of up to 80Mbps (that’s really fast considering the average connection in sunny SA is less than 7Mbps), we give you a high availability solution that doesn’t require any copper wires.

SimpliWireless 40/40Mbps

  • Uncapped. Professional Installation.

SimpliWireless 20/20Mbps

  • Once-off installation of R999.

SimpliWireless 80/80Mbps

  • Uncapped. Professional Installation


Uncapped, symmetrical, broadband fibre straight to your business. Lower contention ratios than FTTH with the added benefit of a support line. Free installation on 24 and 36 month contracts and a choice of line speeds up to 100Mbps. Do Business Fibre the SimpliWay.

SimpliFibre+ 10

  • Coverage Dependent

SimpliFibre+ 20

  • Coverage Dependent

SimpliFibre+ 50

  • Coverage Dependent

SimpliFibre+ 100

  • Coverage Dependent


Uncapped, unshaped and uncontended business internet. Our premium internet access includes a fully managed service, an interim solution while you wait for installation and a failover solution so that you are always connected. If your business depends on the internet for mission critical applications like real-time transactions, large file uploads and downloads, and supports an array of cloud-hosted applications, this is the no-hassle solution for your business.

SimpliBusiness+ 20Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 30Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 50Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended

SimpliBusiness+ 100Mbps

  • Uncapped, unshaped & uncontended


Add-ons for our internet solutions guarantee to help you optimize your business operations and reduce your monthly expenses.

Man with Phone


How does it work?

VoIP technology allows you to make high quality voice calls using the internet, to anywhere in the world at an affordable price. Our SimpliVoIP solution uses your existing broadband connection and router so there’s no capital investment required!

The future of voice calling is now.

Imagine if you could make WhatsApp calls from your landline. Well now you can. Our SimpliVoIP solution does exactly that with the added benefit of bundles to control your monthly spend. Best of all there’s no line rental fee…ever! So you start saving from Day 1. Want to make free calls within your office or between branches? Our VoIP-VoIP calls are free!

Switching to VoIP is super simple. Keep your old number or request a new one, plug into your router and that’s it! We’ll setup the rest. Ditch the landline today and join the future of voice calling!

Get Setup in 3 Easy steps

  • Activate your service with us

  • Connect your analogue or IP Phone

  • Start making high quality calls at the lowest call rates in SA

Limited Offer


  • 250 minutes to any network.
  • Free VoIP-VoIP calls


  • 250 minutes to any network. Free VoIP-VoIP calls.
  • Includes Yealink IP Phone