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Home Internet Connectivity

We have the best internet solutions to ensure truly connected homes. Our Home Internet Connectivity caters to everyone who’s ready to experience the benefits of an in-home digital lifestyle.

It all starts with home connectivity

A connected home starts with home internet connectivity. Lay the best foundation for your home internet connectivity with our range of superior home internet access solutions, no matter where you live. Whether you’re working from home or just relaxing online, we’ll help you stay connected. Choose from LTE, Wireless, Fibre or Satellite. Not sure which internet solution is best for your household’s needs? Take a look at our recommendations for getting your home internet connectivity up and running.

How much Data is your household using every month?


Cut the cord! Just plug-in and connect. The simplest and fastest way to get home internet connectivity.

Simpli LTE 250GB

R299PM x 24
  • 100GB + 100GB Sim Only
  • Anytime Data + BizDay Bundle
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month

Simpli LTE 150GB

R399PM x 24
  • 24/7 Data
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month
  • Sim Only

Simpli LTE 1TB

R999PM x 24 months
  • 24/7 Data
  • Rollover on any time data until the end of the following month
  • Sim Only
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Using microwave technology, we send traffic to and from your premises at line speeds of up to 80Mbps. All our wireless packages are uncapped with equal upload and download speeds so is the perfect solution for people who need to upload and share large files quickly and reliably. We’ll get you setup with a free router and professional installation at lightspeed to get your home internet connectivity up and running.

SimpliWireless 4/4Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP ready

SimpliWireless 8/8Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP-ready

SimpliWireless 10/10Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP ready
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Best in class uncapped, home internet connectivity with speeds up to 100Mbps. If you’re in a fibre-ready area we’ve got a fibre package for you from as little R449pm.

With SimpliFibre you don’t just get uncapped internet, we offer a range of add-ons to amplify your digital experience. Think Smart TV’s, laptops, Xbox’s and more.

SimpliFibre 10Mbps/5

  • Coverage Dependent

SimpliFibre 10Mbps/10

  • Coverage Dependent

SimpliFibre 20Mbps/10

  • Coverage Dependent
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