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SMEs and The Hybrid Workforce

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SMEs and the hybrid workforce SMEs make up a huge proportion of South Africa’s business landscape and employ a large part of the population. Nevertheless, SMEs along with other businesses, big and small have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to research conducted by World Wide Worx titled ‘The Digital Corporation in South Africa’, a third [...]

Making the Switch from ADSL

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Making The Switch From ADSL If you haven’t made the switch yet from ADSL, you might be feeling a little lost with all the options on the market. Let’s see if I can help. What Other Connectivity Options Are Out There? Fibre infrastructure and development is booming in South Africa with more and more areas coming online [...]

Wireless Access: The Answer for SME’s

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Wireless Access: The Answer for SMEs For most SMEs, access to reliable Internet is of utmost importance. FARHAD SULEMAN, CEO of Simpli Connect, explains why microwave wireless access is a good alternative to fibre for small companies. Is Microwave Wireless the Way to Go for Your Business? Simple and reliable is certainly the way most SME owners [...]


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