Received your router but no idea how to set it up?

No problem! Just follow these steps to get connected to a world of super-fast internet.

  1. Watch our “How to setup your router’ video here
  2. Get more detailed information on how to setup your wifi network using the start-up guide that the router arrived in.
  3. Congrats you’re all set up!

If you’re still not blasting off try these tips:

If you’ve had your router less than 24 hours, your sim card may not be activated.

  • We only activate your sim card after the courier confirms that the delivery was successful. This is to ensure that no one fraudulently accesses your router and uses your data.
    • This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 24hours so keep trying every few hours just in case.
    • After 24 hours and just to be double sure before you contact us…see below.

If you’ve had your router for more than 24 hours or you’ve suddenly lost your connection (oh no!), try these tips:

  1. Check all the cables are connected and you have power (we know but we have to say it!), then do a reboot (switch the power off, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.
  2. If your wi-fi connection says ‘no internet’, the internet signal may have dipped or you’ve run out of data. Just give it a few minutes but if the problem persists you’ve probably run out of data. Get in touch with us on Whatsapp to purchase an additional data bundle and we’ll get you up and running in no time.
  3. If you’re still having no luck, please send an email to or give us a call on 087 087 3975