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Tanya heads up Sales Enablement for Simpli Connect which she believes is all the cool stuff like marketing, PR, web development and chatbots (yawn). She's also a tech enthusiast with a passion for customer experience and entrepreneurship in the B2B space.

Simpli ConnectED Podcasts

Latest Episode 00:00 - Welcome 02:05 - Mohammed demystifies FTTH (fibre to the home) Vs FTTB (fibre to the business), the difference between ISP’s [...]

Simpli ConnectED Podcasts2021-10-18T09:59:46+02:00

Simpli Connect, SMTAX provide Internet access for SMEs

Simpli Connect, SMTAX Provide Internet Access for SMEs Simpli Connect and SMTAX have partnered to offer businesses that complete their company registration through SMTAX, access to discounted rates on [...]

Simpli Connect, SMTAX provide Internet access for SMEs2021-10-17T16:39:25+02:00


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