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We’re the no-fuss internet service provider and we make your digital transformation aspirations a reality. Whether that’s a voice-activated smart home or  a cloud-hosted communication platform for your employees, we are your one-stop-shop for digital solutions.

Who we are

Fueled by our diverse team of techno-savvy individuals, as internet service providers we at Simpli Connect pride ourselves on being digital first in everything we do. That’s why with us you can sign up online for a new service in less than 10 minutes. You can sign your contract digitally, get support via Whatsapp and even get your service delivered and installed, without ever having to speak to a human. Because that’s just the #SimpliWay.

But don’t be fooled, this rocketship doesn’t steer itself. We are guided by the over fifty years of telecommunications experience that our Senior Leadership Team bring to Simpli Connect. It’s their knowledge that allows us to bring industry-first partnerships and innovative products first to market.

Why choose us as your internet service provider?

At SimpliConnect, you are our main priority. Our aim is to always provide you with a solution that will meet your connectivity needs and suit your budget. We offer various internet connectivity packages, from Voip, to LTE, to Fibre, to Satellite and more. However we also specialise in implementing unique solutions for our customers for example those with multi-site connectivity requirements or network upgrades to next-gen technologies like SD-WAN or even migrating the family’s Office licences to Cloud-based Applications like Office 365 with device security. As your digital transformation partner, we guarantee that we’ll  find a solution that will make you smile and keep you connected to the latest technologies in the years to come. 

We’ve  partnered with the best network operators in in the country Vodacom and MTN Business to ensure that we have the best of the best connectivity to offer our clients. We’ll make sure that you have what it takes to live a connected life!


Not sure we can do the job? Just ask our customers. We score on average 4.8/5 for our customer service and support on both Google and Facebook. Compare that with other ISP’s and you’ll soon see that we truly are the no-fuss ISP.

  • Quick responsive LTE provision, fast connection speed and team responsive to queries. The main help line is a little busy but keep on dialing you will get through to service excellence. Well priced offering with a wide range of packages.

    Brennan Williams Avatar
    Brennan Williams
  • Connected within 7 days, internet 👌 keep it guys

    TJ Bce Avatar
    TJ Bce
  • Great service from Shaheed.. 😊

    Stephens Kabelo Avatar
    Stephens Kabelo



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