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Let’s face it. You don’t care how your internet works, it just needs to give you access to the things you need.

Whether that’s looking for recipes for supper, streaming the game live or sharing a cat video on Facebook. Perhaps you want to do an international video conference with a client or Skype with the family Down Under, SimpliConnect puts the ‘connect’ back in your internet connection.

Connect my Home

Get the fastest and most affordable internet packages for your home. Whether your home has become the office, classroom, laboratory or all three, we have the right internet solution for you.

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Connect my Business

In addition to business-grade internet with capped and uncapped options, we offer VoIP,  hosting and remote working solutions to keep you and your employees connected from anywhere.

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We make internet access as easy as possible. Connected by SA’s most loved network, you can rest assured that you will always be online. We really are the no fuss internet provider that you can rely on for the fastest, most affordable and most reliable service out there.

So while broadband, fibre and wireless might sound like trendy breakfast cereals, we have techies that know their stuff so you don’t have to. Our solutions also include sexy things like VoIP, cloud backups, disaster recovery, and software as a service. We have experienced consultants across various industry verticals that can give you the personalised service you need.

Oh, and did we mention our supersonic internet access speeds? Download, play, watch, listen, share, talk, collaborate and upload safe in the knowledge that it will simply be the fastest out there.

Contact one of our experts today to find out how we can transform the way you surf.



For many of us, going online is as frustrating as trying to get your license renewed. Luckily, at SimpliConnect, we take the hassle out of access by giving you products that are designed for your needs. You can be a stay-at-home parent or leading your business expansion into Africa or even both, we have the experience and capacity to get you there.

Powered by Vodacom, SA’s most loved network, we at SimpliConnect tailor our broadband, fibre, and wireless packages to fit into your unique requirements. We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, you tell us what you need.

By now you’ve probably already guessed we work a bit differently from the others.

Not only are we all about our customer service and world-class products but we believe in letting you take control of your purchasing experience.
If you see something you want, simply contact one of our expert consultants and we will take care of the rest. Okay, so we know it sounds too good to be true,
but it really is that easy. Life is complicated enough without your internet access needing to add to it.


  • Quick responsive LTE provision, fast connection speed and team responsive to queries. The main help line is a little busy but keep on dialing you will get through to service excellence. Well priced offering with a wide range of packages.

    Brennan Williams Avatar
  • Connected within 7 days, internet 👌 keep it guys

    TJ Bce Avatar
  • Great service from Shaheed.. 😊

    Stephens Kabelo Avatar
  • Thanx to the people at simply connect for good service and exceptional service from Shaheed.shaik@simpliconnect

    Johannes Lundie Avatar


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