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Wireless Internet

Imagine getting high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet access wirelessly. No, this isn’t some fanciful thinking or just a marketing pitch. It really exists with our SimpliWireless trusted and fast wireless internet solution.

With speeds of up to 80Mbps we give you a high availability solution that doesn’t require any copper wires. That’s right, no more worrying about those pesky cable thieves. Best of all, our SimpliWireless solution provides you with completely uncontended wireless connectivity. In human-speak, that means if we say your line speed is 80Mbps, you get 80 Mbps. Join the wireless revolution today!

Wireless Internet


Working From Home? Get Trusted Wireless Internet

We know the new normal is not just about being office-productive from home. It’s about being connected and being able to get the job done without any interruptions. That’s why you need a wireless internet connection designed for the digital age.

Take advantage of our wireless promotion to benefit from uncapped internet with symmetrical line speeds. Just choose your package, complete our online application form and we’ll handle everything else. It’s just the #simpliway.

SimpliWireless 4/4Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP ready

SimpliWireless 8/8Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP-ready

SimpliWireless 10/10Mbps

  • Uncapped Data and VoIP ready

SimpliWireless 20/20Mbps

  • Once-off installation of R999.

SimpliWireless 40/40Mbps

  • Uncapped. Professional Installation.

SimpliWireless 80/80Mbps

  • Uncapped. Professional Installation

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