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Offering speeds up to 10 times that of 3G, SimpliLTE gives you the fastest way to access the internet that is legally available without having to dabble in science fiction.

Along with a range of data packages to suit your needs, you’ll get super-fast internet speeds, a router, dongle and SIM card.

You order, we deliver, and you get surfing and talking immediately.

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Simpli LTE 40GB

R199PM x 24
  • 20GB + 20GB Night Owl
  • Sim Only

Simpli LTE 100GB

R249PM x 24
  • 50GB + 50GB Night Owl
  • Includes Router

Simpli LTE 200GB

R499PM x 24 months
  • 100GB + 100GB Night Owl
  • Includes Router

Simpli LTE 400GB

R699PM x 24
  • 200GB Day and 200GB Night Owl
  • R1.75 per GB!

Simpli LTE 600GB

R899PM x 24
  • 300GB Day and 300GB Night Owl
  • R1.65 per GB!

Simpli LTE 1000GB

R999PM x 24
  • 1000GB Anytime. Sim Only*
  • R0.99 per GB!


SimpiLTE Pricing Tables

SimpliLTE – 12 Month Contracts

SimpliLTE Data Monthly (x12) Device Apply Online
100GB 50GB Day + 50GB Night R399 Includes Router
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200GB 100GB Day + 100GB Night R599 Includes Router
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400GB 200GB Day + 200GB Night R799 Includes Router
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600GB 300GB Day + 300GB Night R1069 Includes Router
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